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In recent years, it has become more difficult to open a bank account in Hong Kong without large deposits. There are still some banks in Hong Kong that accept Hong Kong companies with foreign owners but many times an initial deposit of around 5-10,000 USD is required. We at recommend self-employed people to take advantage of new fintech solutions, which focus specifically on Hong Kong companies with foreign owners where no visit to Hong Kong is necessary!

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has issued a total of 8 banking licenses to virtual banks. Two of these are Neat and Currenxie.

Neat - With Neat you can receive payments from PayPal, Stripe and Amazon as well as send payments to employees and pay invoices. You get your own Hong Kong account number which is linked to your company name.

Currenxie - With Currenxie, you get access to a team with experience in the domestic and Chinese markets. That is if you plan to do business in Hong Kong/China in particular, Currenxie will help you with just that.

Both Neat and Currenxie have very simple application processors, you don't need to visit Hong Kong to open a bank account and both offer a variety of currencies. Unlike Currenxie, Neat offers a MasterCard linked to your bank account which enables payment in store, online and contact withdrawals.

We can only refer you to these companies but we never guarantee that you will be allowed to open your bank account. Just like all other banks, the banks have certain requirements that are placed on the type of business, it is usually the reason that decides. Värt att notera att vi aldrig haft en kund som inte fått igenom sin ansökan!

We recommend our customers to read more on the respective website for more information about bank charges etc.